Positively Creative Method - Day 1

Welcome to day one of the your goal setting transformation! 

In the video below I share with you all of the first steps and how to easily implement them.  Scroll below to download the Visioning Worksheet and Daily Worksheets.  If you're not up for printing, no worries.  Scroll below to see the gist of the outline and you'll learn everything you'll need in the video.  

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I'll see you tomorrow for day two!  

There are seven days in a week. 
Someday isn't one of them.

Positively Creative Method - Day 1 - Visualizing

The first steps are the hardest, most time consuming, and the most challenging, but the most rewarding! 
I'm going to ask you to dig deep. 
Don't hold back and listen to your desires.  

Close your eyes...well, open them so you can read on. Ha!


What do you want your life to look and feel like in 5 years, 10 years?  What are your deepest desires?  What do you see yourself daydreaming about most often?

Okay, now close your eyes.  Play a movie in your head of your future.  What do you see?  Who is there?  What are you achieving?  Did you write that book?  Did you get featured somewhere?  Did you pay off a car?  Did you get a new client? 


For me, I see a cleaner and more organized life (closet, freshly wiped down kitchen sink, car floor is goldfish-less).  I see family scheduling time for vacations and celebrating with each other on the weekends, even if it's a stay-cation.  I see smiling faces around a table.  I see a proud space and future for creatives in my community.  I see a clean art studio with active shoppers.  I see more connections with creative entrepreneurs through conferences and through more podcast episodes.  I see a happy home with more children.  This is my overarching vision for my life and future in the next couple of years.

When we know what our wildest dreams are,
we can work backwards and plan for them.


I wanted to start this 7 day Positively Creative Method challenge on a Saturday, because I hope that the work week is behind you, you have a moment to daydream and to really dig deep without as many distractions about what you want.  

Watch the video in the link above and I'll see you tomorrow!

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