Episode 7 - Liana Kangas on Comic & Magazine Illustration and Breaking Into New Creative Communities

liana kangas

Today I’m speaking with Liana Kangas, a freelance comic artist and illustrator.  We talk about her new comic, BlackOUT, her graphic design equipment and process, and how she balances her art career and personal life.  Liana is a pro at diving headfirst into new creative communities, as she’s lived in many cities over the past few years!  


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On Today’s Show:

(5:00) Hello Giggles

(5:50) Only Netflix Can Judge Me

(9:00) The birth of Comic BlackOUT

(11:00) On self publishing

(15:30) Graphic Design tools 

(19:00) Liana’s timeline and deadlines

(20:00) Daily Routine

(23:00) On moving and finding your new creative home & tribe

(28:00) How amazing the Memphis art community is!

(30:00) Jim Mahfood

(31:30) On comic conventions

(37:00) How her style has evolved

(40:00) new products and enamel pins

(43:00) Treat Yo’self Parks and Rec print

(46:00) Is a show a hit?

(47:00) Finding a part-time job that relates to your art career

(53:00) multiple projects happening at once

(56:00) Stock & Belle

(1:00:00) On moving to New Jersey