Episode 10 - Sarah Baumann of Signet Sealed on Starting a Creative Business in College, Art Shows & Pop Ups, and Encouraging Community as a Rising Tide Society Leader

sarah baumann signet sealed

Dorothy sits down with her newest art friend and eerily similar "twin," Sarah Baumann of Signet Sealed to talk about how Sarah's diary doodling became a full time art career by focusing on a niche.  Sarah walks us through the product process, from drawing to laying out the illustrations for different products featuring the dozens of cities she's captured.  Dorothy and Sarah hit on the highlights of the new Memphis Chapter of Tuesdays Together for Rising Tide Society. 


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On Today's Episode:

(8:30) Paper & Honey Laura Joseph

(9:00) House show 

(12:00) This seems like the time to try it

(13:00) Diving head first at Stationery Academy 

(16:00) Working out of a college house with roommates & at a studio vs working from home 

(17:30) Cooper Young Festival

(19:00) How Sarah and Dorothy met and how they're twins 

(25:00) Rising Tide Society - Tuesdays Together Memphis

(29:00) Figuring out your audience at shows 

(30:00) Ideal Client 

(31:00) back to back art shows 

(34:00) the process of products 

(39:00) southern artist Facebook group

(45:00) South Main pop up shops

(48:00) website building & Etsy 

(50:00) Instagram stories 

(50:00) Jenna Kutcher / Goal Digger Podcast

(53:00) the drawing process 

(55:00) Jenean Morrison

(59:00) HoneyBook & Rising Tide Community app

(1:04:00) risingtidesocietymemphis.com & Members of the Month

(1:08:00) Made By Memphis 

(1:13:00) Creative Heart Conference 

(1:35:00) Naming your brand