Episode 3 - Kristen Ley of Thimblepress on Building a Brand Through Hard Work & Faith, Managing a Team, & How New Products Form In House and Through Collaborations

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Today’s Positively Creative guest is Kristen Ley, founder and owner of Thimblepress, a lifestyle company that encourages kindness and inspires fun, through her letterpress and watercolor greeting cards, kindness cards, Push-Pop Confetti, and tons of other adorable products!  Kristen fills us in on her creative process, ranging from how she came up with the "Your butt looks great in those jeans!" card to The Day Dreamer Journal.  Kristen and Dorothy discuss the backstory of Thimblepress' early days, how she manages her team and working on collaborations all inside the Thimblepress headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi, and how she stays positive by leaning on her faith to stay optimistic.

"You really want to hire your weaknesses." -Kristen Ley

"If I could laugh through my whole life, I would be a happy girl. Keeping that kid-like innocence and mentality I think is one of the biggest things you can do for enjoying your life." - Kristen Ley

"There's bravery in seeking after opportunity." -Kristen Ley

"When you're passionate about something, sometimes you can put blinders on.  Which is good and bad." -Kristen Ley

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On Today's Show:

(10:00) Double Decker Art Festival

(11:00) Renegade Craft Fair

(16:00) Thimblepress won best booth display

(20:00) National Stationery Show

(22:00) State Flower Collection

(24:00) On Hiring Employees

(28:00) Visual Layout of Brick & Mortar Thimblepress

(38:00) Her Creative Process / Kindness Cards / The Day Dreamer

(48:00) Thimblepress x Target Collaboration

(57:00) pillows throwonline.com

(58:00) Speak Wines