Episode 27 - Anna Vergos Blair and Katherine Vergos Riederer of The Art Project on Building a Favorite Community Spot for Children, Planning Crafts for Kids, & Working with Family

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Dorothy had the pleasure of sitting down with sisters Katherine Vergos Riederer and Anna Vergos Blair of The Art Project to talk about their brick and mortar business, an art studio for kids!   They share how the idea came to be, getting started with building the studio, and the day to day activities and events they offer.

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“MAKE ART. LEAVE THE MESS.  Paint. Glitter. Glue. Chalk. Sand. Classes. Retail. Digitization. Coffee. Snacks. Beer.” -The Art Project


On Today's Show:

(6:00) How the idea for The Art Project came to be

(7:00) From working at the Rendezvous in Memphis https://www.hogsfly.com/, fashion design assistant at Ralph Lauren, and being an attorney  

(11:00) The Art Project’s location in Overton Square

(12:00) Researching with artists, art teachers, parents

(13:00) Blueprints with intention of what the children will be doing in the space

(16:00) Coming up with crafts and art projects, themes of the week and process based projects

(19:30) the layout of the space

(26:00) Art Free Play

(29:00) staffing their business

(30:00) Art Show featuring The Art Project staff

(39:00) Being a working mama

(43:00) Baby Art 

(45:00) working with family

(49:00) hosting artists to teach

(51:00) Kid Art Lit and Artful Parent