Making It

I’m excited...I’m feeling a sense of rejuvenation and new opportunities on the rise. In seasons of growth I’ve noticed I have a few key steps that always play out. I have an idea that CONSUMES me, that I can’t get rid of. And I “put myself out there,” say YES to opportunities that cross my path. Many months ago one of those opportunities was to try out for the NBC show, #MakingIt , which premieres tonight.Although obviously I’m not on the show, I’m a big believer in making bold moves to doing what you love. That particular day it was trying out for a reality competition show. And every day for me that’s creating artwork and celebrating life’s moments through painting, being able to share those gifts with others, and to lift other creative entrepreneurs up to building their careers as well. So, cheers to Making It!Whether that is one huge career goal checked off your list or lots of daily celebrations. All of them lead to wonderful things. Being a creative entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, but I wouldn’t choose any other path. 💙


A new champagne celebration series from Dorothy Art. 

A new champagne celebration series from Dorothy Art. 

Rising Tide Society in February - Growth, Scaling, & Collaboration

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This month's Rising Tide Society's topic is Growth, Scaling, and Collaboration.  I think it is very important at the beginning of each new year to focus on goals, thinking about how you'd like to see your business grow in 2018.  (And hey...February's the new January...right?!?)  A few things I have personally implemented already this year are Lara Casey's Cultivate What Matters Powersheets (thank you Sarah of Signet Sealed for the rec!  I'm in love!), I've gotten a subscription to HoneyBook, I upgraded my Planoly account and am using it for both @dorothyart , @positivelycreativepodcast , & @tuesdaystogethermemphis Instagram accounts, and I've got my ticket for The Maker's Summit Conference!

I had heard tons rave about Lara Casey's Cultivate What Matters book, but it was always a quick passing by and no one had really honed in on why it was so incredible.  Well, on the ride down to New Orleans last month, Sarah laid it out for me and filled me in on her POWERSHEETS.  She had me at "there's no magic in January 1st" I still had time!  Then she told me about how it dives deep into whatever you want to grow or, friends, family, spiritual, finances, work, doesn't just talk about your work life and that's it.  It's so easy for so many of these goal setting gurus to tell us that work is all that matters, or at least that's what we as creative entrepreneurs typically want to focus on.  Lara helps you sit down and really visualize what you want your overall life to look and feel like.  Within the first couple of pages writing down my goals I was laughing, thinking of fun things I love about my family, and I was crying, realizing some of the struggles I want to learn from and grow upon.  It's like a prayer or visualization journal in the sense that you just free'll be shocked at what comes out on paper.  Very quickly deep desires I had for my career and family life hopped on the page and startled and excited me.  I know that with her Powersheets, I'm really going to focus on what matters most, and that's really thrilling!

While attending the Rising Tide Society Leader Retreat in New Orleans in January, I learned more about HoneyBook.  I had heard about it, as it now houses Rising Tide Society as it's nonprofit, but for some reason I thought it wasn't for me...I thought it was only geared towards creatives in the wedding industry.  Boy was I wrong!  Just in the past few weeks I've added HoneyBook to how I am now keeping track of my art commissions.  Beforehand I was sending clients a link to purchase select size paintings in my online shop.  The client and I would go back and forth through email, Facebook messenger, or even Instagram DM.  As much as I thought I didn't think it was possible to streamline my process anymore, I'm realizing that by even having canned responses, direct links to purchase, emails galore, HoneyBook does more.  There's a library where you can store all of your PDFs, I can assign each project with tasks and due dates so that I'm never putting off commissions, and can send a brochure about all of my past clients loving their custom paintings, and I can create private notes for what the client wants (ex: white flowers in the bushes even when they sent me a picture of their house in winter.  Before I was storing that information in past email chains and IN MY HEAD! Whaaaat?!?!  Get it together, Dorothy!)  So needless to say, I am loving this new platform!  It's so easy to invoice and collect the image that my client wants me to paint, and get paid.  Get 50% off of your first year of HoneyBook here. 

I've used Planoly for all of 2017 with my @dorothyart Instagram page, but I'm excited to be streamlining it with one duo account I can toggle back and forth from.  I've also recently set up an account for @tuesdaystogethermemphis, where it will be easier for guest speakers, members of the month, and small group leaders to hop on and have a voice within our Instagram account.  I learned this tip when I was featured on the national @RisingTideSociety Instagram account.  It's a way for you as a business Instagram account to have others submit content, but they don't have to have access to the Instagram account directly and therefore Instagram freaks out, thinks it's being hacked from another phone, and then you have to change your password.  This way, they upload the content and set it for whatever time they want it to be broadcast, and you will get a notification on your phone from Planoly and "push" the content to Instagram to be posted.  Whewww...was that complicated?  I'm probably blabbing on about it and making it sound more difficult than it is, but TRUST ME!  It's exciting stuff that helps you not have to think about social media as much as we already are.  

I am also looking ahead and seeing how I can grow and learn from others outside of Memphis.  I am attending the Maker's Summit in Greenville, SC in March.  Kristen and Lindsey Archer of ARCH'd invited me to come along and I could not be more excited!  I attended in 2015 and walked away with so much valuable information and action steps I could take to better Dorothy Art.  I also walked away with many more relationships and connections.  I absolutely love going to conferences.  There's a feeling of summer camp, like "wow!  We all love the same stuff!" The energy is magnetic!  I also feel like the connections I have made in person at events like that lead to more opportunities in the future.  There's nothing like branching out in person, rather than the typical "insta-connections" we're all used to these days.  There's a few tickets left, so if you're going, connect with me here and let me know to look out for ya!   

Not a member of Rising Tide Society?  Why the heck not?!?!  It's free and filled with tons of wonderful resources to better your business.  And it's a community of people who are in the same boat as you, working on their own creative businesses.  So I encourage you to scope out your local group and join a Tuesdays Together meet up, subscribe to the free newsletter, follow along in the Facebook group, and Download the February Guide here.  

How to Sell at Shows Like a Pro

How to SELL at SHOWS like a PRO!

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I have been selling my artwork at craft fairs, street festivals, artist markets, you-name-it since 2009.  With  65+ shows under my belt, I'm always learning something new!  When I started years ago, I knew little about how to go about getting into shows, preparing the work for a show, building a booth, let alone SELLING at the show itself!  

I WISH I would have had this incredible resource when I was a show newbie.  

One night I was scouring the internet for tips and tricks on selling at craft fairs and found this resource.  You know that moment when your heart skips a beat because you can't believe what you're seeing?  Yeah.  That was me laying in bed playing on my phone.  I struck internet gold.  I found a 250+ page PDF on EVERYTHING you'd EVER want to know about craft fairs and selling your work!  I stayed up until 3am reading it...nodding and screaming "YES!" while just soaking it all in.  If I would have had this e-book in 2009, was mistakes would I have avoided?  Grab your copy now!

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