One-on-One Creative Consulting with Dorothy

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here’s to 
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One-on-One Creative Consulting with Dorothy

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Get excited!  It is truly the most rewarding thing to be able to not only work for yourself and be your own boss, but also doing it through creating art!  I still geek out all the time that people are paying me for something I created out of a couple of pieces of paper, glue, and paint. 

I’ll be sending you some questions to answer beforehand so I can prep with all of my sources and we can hone in on what you’re wanting to grow on first, recognizing pain points.  


Creative Consulting Phone Calls with Dorothy will include:

- A review and analysis of where you are in your creative business before the call.

- A curated list of online resources to better your business.


We'll discuss: 

- my favorite resources for growing my art career

- revenue streams

- marketing strategies

- your unique style and product

- how to target your ideal client

- anything else that's on your heart!



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